TENS Tinnitus

A recently completed four year preliminary study by the Cochlea Company in Victoria has found low level electrical stimulation could provide temporary relief for people suffering chronic intractable tinnitis.
The hand held TENS (Transcutaneous Electronic Nerve Stimulator) supplies low level electronic stimulation with adjustable pulse rates of 1-4 pulses per second. This combination is ideal for treating chronic tinnitus.

What is tinnitus?
To the medical specialists, tinnitus is a spontaneous electrical activity in the ear. To the sufferer, tinnitis is the subjective experience of hearing continual or intermittent noises which have been described as a buzzing, hissing or ringing noise in the head or ears. It may arise from, or become worse due to any of the following:

  • Damage to the nerves of the ear
  • Blockage of the Eustachian tubes
  • Excessive ear wax
  • Meniere’s disease – a disorder characterized by dizziness
  • Otis Interna/externa/media – ear inflammation
  • Damage to the acoustic (8th cranial) nerve
  • Excessive fluid in the inner ears
  • Otosclerosis – fixation of the middle ear bones
  • Side effects of medication (especially asprin)
  • Damage to the 2nd vertebra (C2) of the neck
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol levels
  • Exposure to excessively loud or constant sounds
  • Stress * Fatigue * Toxic colon
  • Smoking * Alcohol * Caffeine
  • Salt * Hair dyes * Chemical sprays

How does low level electronic stimulation work?
Electronic stimulation works on the same principles as acupuncture – without the pain, risk, inconvenience, or expense. Hand held TENS incorporates two, proven natural modalities in the one unit.
Transcutaneous Electronic Nerve Stimulation
T.E.N.S. is used for nerve regeneration, passive muscle exercise, improving blood circulation, and blocking and treating pain.
Stimulation of acupuncture or trigger points clears blocked meridian pathways, increases the white blood corpuscles, and the phagocytic action on germs is increased.

Where to place TENS Unit Pads for treating Tinnitus

1. Behind the ear lobe in the depression between the mastoid bone and the angle of the jaw.
2. In the hollow formed in the cheek when the mouth is opened.
3. On the back of the wrist approx 2″ or 5cm
above the wrist crease between the forearm bones.
4.   On the mound formed when the thumb is  pressed against the side of the index finger.
5. On lop of the foot approx 1′ or 2.5cm above the web of the first and second toe.

1 Refer to the chart for tinnitus stimulation points. Points on both side of the body and ears must be stimulated.
2. Switch the frequency control switch to No 1. This will give you a slow pulse rate of 1 to 2 pulses per second.
3. Place both terminals in contact with the skin – otherwise no stimulation will be felt. The front terminal is located over the selected point.
4. Should you have difficulty locating acupuncture or trigger points – wet the skin to aid conductivity.
5. S-1-o-w-l-y turn the intensity switch on the side of the machine up until you feel a comfortable stimulation.
6. Do not have to Intensity too high – painful stimulation has no extra benefits. Tinnitus responds better to low pulse rates.
7. Treat each point for 5 to 10 minutes, 3 – 4 times daily.
Most people have a point of optimal response, but initially, all points should be stimulated. After a few treatments you may notice one specific point gives you maximum relief – this is your point of optimal response and depending on the degree of relief obtained you may choose to stimulate this point only

In some case the tinnitus may become worse a few days after stimulation. This is fairly common and is due to improved blood circulation. Once normal blood circulation has been restored (usually within a few days) this initial increase in noise should disappear. If after ‘the initial noise increase your symptoms get worse and remains worse cease TENS therapy, or vary location of stimulation. Once relief has been obtained discontinue treatment. If your tinnitus returns intermittently, regular stimulation should be continued.


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